Private Ear Recording

The Studio

Private Ear Recording

IS Winnipeg’s premiere recording destination. The studio is independently owned and operated, and is home to producer/engineers John Paul Peters and Shawn Dealey. Private Ear is a 3200 sq. ft. recording studio designed with function, acoustics, and vibe in mind. It comprises two separate studio suites that can be used simultaneously.

Private Ear is a Manitoba Film and Music accredited studio.

(View the studio floorplan.)

The Green Room (Studio A) - Control Room

Our 400 sq. ft. control room features 11’ ceilings and provides a comfortable listening environment with balanced, accurate sound reproduction. Studio A features 64 inputs to cover all your patch needs. Recording platforms include Protools (HDX), 2’ Tape (Studer24, Ampex16), 1/2’ tape (Ampex), 1/4 inch tape (Studer), Radar24 (x2), and more. We have nearly 100 channels of boutique preamps including 24 channels of vintage Neve (1073/84). Compression? We’ve got you covered. La-2a, 1176, TG2, 2500, C2, Decca, and many more. Contact us for a full gearlist!

Live Room

The 1020 sq. ft. live room has 12’ ceilings for a wonderfully open yet controlled sound, and is perfect for recording drums, vocals, percussion, piano, choir, horns, and virtually anything else. A large curtain and a healthy supply of sound baffles allow the room to be controlled to taste. The live room boasts a 1950’s-era 7-foot Heintzmann Grand, lovingly rebuilt and maintained by master tuner Fred Redekop. Also residing in Live A is a Hammond B3 organ with a 147 Leslie, an upright Heintzmann Piano, as well as a tasty selection of keyboards, amplifiers, and a variety of guitars. We have a large and diverse microphone selection including mics such as the Neumann U87, M49, Telefunken U47, Coles 4038, AEA R88, and many, many more.

Isolation Rooms

Three isolation rooms (140 sq. ft., 60 sq. ft., and 50 sq. ft. respectively) are equipped for recording additional instruments and vocals in isolation. The largest isolation room can accommodate enough inputs for a multi-mic’d drumkit.

The Blue Room (Studio B) - Control Room

Private Ear Recording’s second studio features a hybrid mix of analog and digital equipment, centered around Protools HD. The 360 sq. ft. control room is spacious and supports a large isolation room (170 sq. ft.). Studio B is the perfect space for mixing, post production, ADR, Foley, Overdubbing, and smaller recording sessions. The Barefoot MM27 monitors are perfect for full-range sound reproduction required by hip/hop, electronica, rock, and classical mixing and mastering. The accompanying isolation room is ideal for recording vocals, amps, ADR, intimate interviews, and even a 12-input drumset! Studio B has an upright piano and a Hammond L100. Microphones selection and most instruments/amplifiers are shared with Studio A. Contact us for an updated gearlist.

Additional Studio Features

Client List

Propagandhi, The Weakerthans, The Lytics, Royal Canadian Air Force band, Death Cab for Cutie, Julie Doiron, Ken Mode, Comeback Kid, Yes we Mystic, Tanya Taqaq, Elsie Morden, Imaginary Cities, Departures, Royal Canoe, Indicator Indicator, Micah Erenberg, The Crooked Brothers, JP Joe, This Hisses, Magnificent 7’s, The Waking Eyes, A Textbook Tragedy, The Ripperz, Hawksley Workman, Anthony Sanne, Paul Bergman, Electro Quarterstaff, Mobina Galore, Alyx Knight, and many more!